Lasten kuntsari


Kankaanpää Kuntoutuskeskus is recreation center in Western Finland. It is known for a wide variety of recreational activities. It also offers programmes for children and families with special needs. Client wanted to differentiate children programmes from the main brand.

Andrei loi meille täysin uuden visuaalisen Lastenkuntsari-maailman maskotteineen. Lopputulos on loistava – hauska ja sympaattinen. Toimivaa ja monikäyttöistä visuaalista kokonaisuutta on ilo käyttää markkinoinnissa, ja se herättääkin koko ajan uusia ideoita. Pidän Andrein pohdiskelevasta ja aina parhaaseen mahdolliseen tähtäävästä työotteestaan, ja hänen kanssaan onkin ollut todella helppoa ja mukavaa tehdä yhteistyötä.

Saila Pajuniemi
Kuntoutuskeskus Kankaanpää

My role

Visual identity
Mascot design
Web design




From the very first meeting became clear that bespoke mascot will play the main role. There are so many mascots in the world, so it didn’t feel right to design one more cute squirrel or a rabbit. I had to come up with something different.

Swimming facilities for people with special needs are center’s main selling proposition. Water is life. Small water drop is like a little child. A small part. It’s rounded shape is approachable and associated with softness and kindness. Water drop is dynamic and irresistibly cute.

Typography and colors

Omnes font is a perfect choice for the job. It’s playful, thick stroke and funny tails resonate nicely with the shape of mascot. It is perfectly rendered font family. Bold Italic is kid-friendly, Regular and Light are positive and elegant to communicate serious message for parents. 

It did feel right to use wide color palette for the project. Like in a crayon box, there must be a variety!



“Pebble” (small, water-polished stone) is a graphic element that helps to add positive, multi-colored environment to any layout. It can be used to crop photography, as a separate text container or organized in colorful pattern.



A set of custom icons was designed to identify different activities: Outdoor, Gym, Swimming hall, Bowling, Shooting range and Snooker.